Everyday people lose their bikes to some hoodlum with nothing better to do. They could steal it at the train station, the bus station or even in pure daylight in the city.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you park your bike, there will always be people who will try to steal it. And I can understand frustration you feel when you come back to your designated parking space and realize that your bike isn’t there anymore.

You start swearing to yourself, not wanting to show your frustration in public, but in reality you just want to scream your lungs out.It’s not about that fact that you lost something that cost you money. It’s about having something taken from you, that’s the worst part about it. You feel angry and stressed that someone just took something that belonged to you and you alone.

Well, I’m here to make sure that you never have to experience this kind of feeling again when it comes to your bike. I’m here to talk about how you can lock it in a way that would make it completely useless for the robber to actually steal it from you.

So here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can lock your bike and prevent it from being stolen or read more tips here.

Step #1: Do Some Research About Locks

homepage bike 3The very first step of this simple guide may seem like the most obvious one, but it’s one that people tend to miss when it comes to actually buying locks in the first place. In order to increase your chances of having your bike waiting for you until you return, you’re going to need the very best lock that money can buy.

But you must understand that the best doesn’t always mean the sturdiest or heaviest lock. In this case you need the most complex lock you can find. That’s why you need to do the necessary research so that you might actually find it.

So do some Google searches, head on over to your local bike store and have a discussion with the clerk about the best kind of locks. The next step is to actually buy the best lock!

Step #2: Buy The Best Lock Possible

Now we come to actually buying the best possible lock available. I always recommend any of the following types:

A D or U lock which is a hardened metal shaped like a U and connected by a separate part, making it a D when connected.
A cable lock is a good choice when it comes to locks since you can tie it into a complex knot through the wheels of your bike.
And finally chains which is great since they are hard to cut through like the D lock and you can whirl it around and through the wheels like the cable lock.

homepage bike type locks

Anyone of the above should suffice though I would personally buy the reinforced chain lock since it provides both durability and the ability to tie it in any way you want. Make sure that you buy an extra long chain lock or cable lock in that case so that you have plenty of chains to work with.

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Step #3: Find A Good Place To Park It

Now it’s time to find a good place to park and lock your bike. This is not a bullet-proof way of preventing your bike from being stolen, but it’s much better to park your bike in front of a highly trafficked store or daycare center then a dark alley in an area you know has some criminal activities. You see where I’m going with this?

So do some scouting around town. If you’re taking your bike to work than try to find a highly populated and bright place near work to lock it. If you’re taking your bike to the bus or train station then try to find a similar place as well.

The brighter and more people there are, the better.

Here’s a short list of preferable places to park it:

  • In front of daycare centers.
  • Outside of restaurants.
  • Among other bikes.
  • In front of a police station.
  • By the hospital.
  • In front of an elementary school.

Step #4: Lock It In A Complex Way

homepage bike guide to lock bikesNow it’s time to actually lock your bike. Do some testing first at home before you let it our into the battlefield.

I hope that you bought that cable or chain lock since they allow for more complicated ways of locking it. So take your time and find a suitable place to test lock it. Try different methods and try to steal it yourself until you find a way that’s just too complicated for any thief.

A good method is usually whirling it in and through the rear-end wheel and around the main section of the bike if you have a long enough lock that is. This way you ensure that it takes time for the thief to steal it and one step in the wrong direction will send him or her back to square one.

Step #5: Prepare A Trap

And now we come to the final step of this guide. All of the previous ones should be enough to make your bike steal-proof but this one is just as a last-ditch effort of preventing your bike from being stolen.

It’s time to prepare a trap on your bike.

Now I’m not talking about a deadly trap, just a simple trap that only you know about and know how to disarm. For instance, you can prepare some form of trap that ensures that your bike is non-usable unless you disarm it.

Or perhaps a trap that hurts the thief is enough to get him or her scared. I’m not encouraging you to go bananas and come up with a Saw-like death trap, just a simple one that would the thief on edge and run away if he or she should bypass your lock and try to steal it.

You can find example of video how to setup one trap at this video link.

We found very interesting video that will give you all guide of how you should lock your bikes this video:

What Are Best Bike Locks to Protect Your Bike?

There are myriad of types of locks available for protecting your bike against variety of types of thieves. Majority of the thieves are actually “opportunists”. When they see a bike badly secured or not secured they take it because it is so easy for them to do.

It is common practice of most of the riders that they just nip into the shop and are just away for few minutes but the problem is that it takes only few minute to take your bike away. To thwart this type of theft, you should protect your bike in such a way that it cannot easily ridden away. Following locks available in the market guarantee the security of your bike against those thieves:


Kryptonite locks used the tubular pin tumbler ranking mechanism. The Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard U-Lock is a typical U-Lock, but also comes with a four-foot cable that permits you to lock up your whole bike (wheels, saddle, panniers and all). It would be imprudent to get into analogies here. It comes with the classic, well designed and simple look.

homepage bike kryptonite

It has following distinguishable features:


It is very secure and ensures great protection to your bike. It secures both wheels. 14mm hardened Max-Performance steel shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks


It is highly convenient in use. It has size for locking up.


It is inexpensive and its price ranges from $45 -$85


It is very durable and its longevity is due to 13mm hardened steel with the braided steel cable.

Anti-theft Warranty:

Kryptonite offers New York residents a one-year, non-renewable group insurance policy equal to the amount of the anti-theft defense accessible in other states.


We live in a damp climate, so the probability is that your locked bike is likely to be subject to at least occasional precipitation. We don’t anticipate perfectly waterproof seals around any opening. Extra weather proofing — chiefly around the key barrel —is always a great option.

Additional features:

Includes 3 keys, including 1 with high-intensity light; measures 4 x 9 inches.


Master Lock is the world’s chief producer of padlocks and associated security products. It focuses on novelty; new product epitomizes 20% of sales each year. It is Ranked #1 by consumers globally as the best padlock brand. Master Lock padlocks put forward a full lifetime guarantee.

homepage bike master locks


It is the world’s first combination lock that unlocks on up/down/left/right directional movements.


The 1/4in (6mm) diameter shackle is 1in (25mm) long and prepared of hardened steel, offering extra resistance to cutting and sawing. It provides with the utmost security with anti-shim technology. Hardened steel shackle for better bolt cutter protection


2-1/8in (54mm) wide metal body can be opened one-handed without looking for ease of use.


2-1/8in (54mm) wide metal body is so easy to use. It is very convenient to handle. The lock is a good 270mm-long with a frame mount included, so usability is easy and the lock can be used on non-uniform bike racks or railings.


It is very light weight hat adds to its features. The carrier bracket seems a little chintzy (as do the lock brackets from most brands), but the cable itself is lightweight.